The MegAegea

First thoughts on an f3j class model that has evolved to one named 'Personal Best'.

The 'Kinetic' family of models

The quickest model airplane on the planet powered or not; CyberModelle designed, drawn and prototyped for Spencer Lisenby of Manhattan Beach CA. (Verified speed for the 100" version is 468 mph at this time with greater potential still.)


MDF mold plugs for very high speed electric racer. Eliptical washout incorporated.

2 meter handlaunch

2 meter handlaunch glider. Exotic spar and machine carved balsa fuse. The stab has inlaid eyes.

Small slope models

Small (50" span) slope models with machine carved solid balsa wings.

Carved solid balsa slope wing and stab

Optimized RG15/14 combo worked into solid balsa wings with foam inserts for decoration and weight reduction. Spar is incorporated in advance of carving.

55" solid balsa wings with foam inserts

Solid balsa wings with optimized AG45-47 combo. Foam inserts reduce weight and decorate. Awesome passing overhead on a sunny day. Spar and joiner tubes incorporated in advance of carving. Wing geometry is wholly unbroken.

Suntoucher DLG tail group

Suntoucher tailgroup held up to the light. Dr. Philippe Spalart is the hand model.

Solid balsa slope speed wings

Art to part. Solid balsa slope wings based on the planform of the emperor penguin. Reinforced with multiple strands of uni-fiberglass tape embedded in advance of carving with a scalpel. Optimized SD7003 section.