The Thundertaker was built up from an existing model

The Thundertaker was originally built up from a hand made fuselage and wire cut foam wings with multiple carbon fiber joiner rods.

Update it!

The Thundertaker was digitized and partially redesigned, keeping many elements associated with the original. Here is the evolution from straight panel wings to an elliptical form factor to better optimize the aerodynamic center.

Toying with the fuselage

While Jason was reviewing submittals, the fuselage was toyed with.

Completed model, ready to decompose to parts

The Thundertaker is the most complex drawing I've yet done.

Double tapered equipment bay

Jason called for a unique double tapered equipment bay to facilitate the slide on nose. Very complex to draw, but the result was worth the work.

Parts heading to the toolpath generator

The decomposed model is shipped to the toolpath generator. Very complex with multiple exotic fillets and tapers, requiring multiple check surfaces.

Wing mold plug rough cut

Wing molds in process, both panels done at the same time. The joiner is accounted for in advance and very well thought out by the customer.

Parts in the shop

The finished mold plugs being prepped for molding. From this point forward I only work in rectangular parts. These were complex to make female molds from, and attest to Jasons skill.

The awesome stab seat

Jason called for a very exotic stab seat that was difficult to design, draw and carve. Very much so in fact. The result again is far and away worth the work.

Candy finish

Jason should patent his 'Candy' carbon finish. To see it in person results in picking your jaw from the floor.

Aft view

Aft view showing stab seat. Very complex to produce, but the results are slick, stylish and magnificent.

Jason and the TT

Jason with the First Thundertaker outside his shop, which is connected to Bill Hollands and Joe Bells bike shop. A must see operation.

TT on the front side of Weldon.

There is no missing the Thundertaker when its airborne, not one bit.

TT in a class of its own

The Thundertaker stands out like no other dynamic soaring model airplane

Fantastic finish

Though the Thundertaker is fixed with regard to that which comes from the molds, Jason Lilly continues to push the boundaries of paint schemes and finish. Each copy is ever more elaborate and fantastic.

The Thundertaker gets the bones

The TT gets the bones. No question. It is a personal quest fulfilled, with Jason nearly living to share his satisfaction with anyone genuinely interested.

Background art

Spiffy image with the TT logo in the background.