Designed for orbital flight

The ThunderTaker II is designed, drawn and optimized for the circular flight associated with dynamic soaring.

Designed on a curve

The ThunderTaker II is designed, drawn and optimized on a circle 500 feet in diameter. Note the slight 'banana' shape of the fuselage. Incidence angles on the wing and stab are relative to radial lines drawn from the center of the circle.

Blended tail and flared fin

Now CyberModelle trademark features, the ThunderTaker II sports a blended fuselage and tail, plus a flared fin to serve as a strong stab seat.

Background art

In addition to being optimized for continuous curved flight, the ThunderTaker II is extremely stylish and streamlined.

Completed mold plug

The plugs were carved with a technique that separates the part from the parting plane.

Plug halves made from mixed media joined on their alignment pins

This plug set is made of mixed media; MDF and Epoxy/Micro. The Micro reinforces sensitive areas. The alignment pins grant the ability to separate the halves during mold prep. When ready, the halves will be permanently joined and the holes filled and polished out.

Second plug set

The second plug set joined on two .25 inch diameter pins. Seamless join

Plug half fitted to part plane.

With no parting plane to interfere, Jason can jump right into molding one half, then joining the plug halves. Time to mold is slashed to days, not months/years.

First mold half.

On fixing one half to its release plane, the plug halves can be joined and finished. The second mold half is then fabricated. Time to complete is days, not months.