'Major Glory'

A 90" span combined wingeron and pitcheron front/back side slope model to prototype the 500mph DS project design/draw complete.

Pivot point location

The pivot point is located on the Aerodynamic Centers quarter chord line. Max camber happens here as well. Inboard from that point, and outboard from that point to the tip transitions to near symmetrical section.

Major Glory Swept wing thought

The original planform of the ME-262 could be a candidate. Wide root accomodates all slave motors that drive linkages in the wing to their surfaces. Credit to Airwar.ru for very accurate drawings.

See what I mean?

The ME-262 planform may well be viable

Major Glory side view

Cambered fuse. Wing and stab fillets declare incidence angles. Fuselage accomodates slave motors of 450 torque inches.

Hatch added

I've added the hatch that grants access to all linkages and components. Will be a separate one piece part.

Surface analysis and check part-1

Wing surfaces (animated) striped checked. Camber and thickness change across the span. Airfoil sections are curve optimized in a 4 step process before making surfaces from them.

Surface analysis and check part-2

Here are the surfaces rendered in polished silver. Perfect.

Ready to make toolpaths

Sending these parts to the toolpath generator. The fuse section on the left will test a new machine carving process that will result in finished part with exotic fillet and trailing edge.