Kinetic 60 first look

This is the first full 3d/surfaced rendering of the Kinetic 60 as converted from the customers 2d linework before revise/re-design.

Kinetic 60 and 2 meter together

A 2 meter model was proposed along with the 60" model. These are the two fully surfaced models together before revise/re-design.

Kinetic 60v1 design complete

The original 2d linework evolved to this final in a collaborative re-design process entirely through digital media.

Kinetic 60 airfoils were optimized prior to surfacing and carving.

As opposed to working with straight lines or curve segments between coordinate points, the airfoils supplied by Habe Norbert were curve optimized in a four step process prior to carving plugs/molds. This is the optimized result surface analyzed in polished silver. Perfect.

Kinetic 60 major components rapid prototyped in 2 pound foam.

The principal components were rapid prototyped to confirm internal volume requirements and equipment fit. Very tight.

Kinetic 60 fully rapid prototyped.

To confirm validity of exotic inviscid angles of incidence, the K60 was rapid prototyped before committing to permanent molds.

Drawings decomposed

The finished drawings were decomposed and sent to the toolpath generator.

Mold plugs machined in MDF.

The mold plugs were machined in MDF and immediately sealed.

Finished K60.

The production K60 from permanent molds. A record breaker for its size class immediately. Still current record holder at 314mph.

Kinetic 60 gets the bones.

The amount of work put into this project earns the bones, a personal signature representing the acknowlegement of excellence from that beyond our immediate knowledge and control.