Kinetic 100 first envisioned as a 2 meter model

The Kinetic 100 was submitted as 2d line art with a 2 meter span. Here is the first fully surfaced 3d rendering.

Kinetic 100 v1

The full Kinetic 100 v1 with specialized sections from Habe Norbert.

Kinetic and ThunderTaker mold plugs

The Kinetic 100v1 and the ThunderTaker were carved in a single machine session.

Kinetic 100 v1 wings

The Kinetic 100 v1 wings as they came from the mold. Perfect.

The completed Kinetic v1

The Kinetic 100v1 reset the absolute speed bar on the first and maiden flight.

The Kinetic 100 v2

The Kinetic 100 v2 was re-designed from the ground up, and featured a blended tail plus revised wing fillet and vertical fin flare.

Aft view of Kinetic v2

Aft view showcasing fully blended tail. The aft fuselage leverages the vertical fin section

Kinetic 100 v2 vanity rendering prototype

Vanity rendering intended for a high quality hooded sweatshirt to honor the K100v2 passing 400 mph. Speed records for it and the K60 would be printed on either sleeve. I may still do it.

The Kinetic 100 family top view

Left to right: K100v2.1, K100v2, K100v1

K100 family bottom view

Left to right: K100v1, K100v2, K100v2.1

Off to a record start

Jason Lilly launches K100v1 on its maiden flight. Perfect form. Records fell immediately.

The acceptance of excellence

Spencer Lisenby returning from the recovery area at Weldon CA after pushing the speed bar to a new record on the models maiden flight.

Background image

The Kinetic v1, v2 and v2.1 blended with a shot of the first completed Kinetic 100.