Completed JW flying wing revised for carbonglass

The JW flying wing was restored to the exact original spec and now features a fuselage of less volume and surface area, plus a supporting wing fillet and underside hatch.

Airfoil suite optimized prior to surfacing

As always, the airfoil suite is first curve optimized in a 4 step process before making surfaces from them. The original fuselage profile is shown as well. Here is the result surface analyzed in polished silver. Perfect.

Parts inventory

The completed model on sign-off was decomposed to parts and sent to the builder in China

Prototype mold from new technique

A prototype male mold plug was carved with a new technique that makes parting planes optional in the manufacturing process.

Fuselage stretch proposal

For kicks and grins, I proposed a longer fuselage and revised fin with a bit less area.


The proposed stretched fuselage. Suggested wing section would be a very thin EH-1.0/7.0 section for extreme speeds.

Proto fuselage bodies

The stretched fuselage suggestion incorporated the original vertical fin as well.

BeaverTail equipped

Taking the concept to another place, the model is rendered with a Thinned EH section and sports a Beavertail stabilizer. The fuselage is itself made from the main wing section.

Background art

Page background art.