The Man with the Barcode Halo

Toying with Adobe Illustrator in a multi media class some time ago

Slumped Stain Glass mold

An image heightfield to be carved into graphite and used as a slumped glass mold. The varying thickness in glass produces the image when held to light. For stained glass projects.

The PeaceTable

Image carved into a section taken from a large tree stump. The character translates to 'Peace'.

Picnic Table

Picnic table with carved images from preschool children. Custom processes translated the drawn images to toolpaths with full fidelity.

Picnic Table Tests

The translation process/home made custom software was tested first in aircraft plywood. I did mirror and edit some of the images.

Front Fence

Front fence art. This will be a carved 12'x8'x6" rough timber piece for the front of my house.

Shop Door art

Art for my machine carved new shop door. Have not decided which to use as yet.

Pinewood Derby Racers

Custom machined carved pinewood derby racers for my nephews. Best finish, first place, best in show when completed.

Variable geometry light table first sketch

A large light table proposal for my ex. Table tilt with arm height adjustments. 18"x24" Glass pane installed for backlighting.

Speaker Pimps landing page

Web site landing page for ficticious band I cooked up a while ago.

SpeakerPimps page art

Page art for the SpeakerPimps.

Custom Car

Custom car for a secret project now in the works. Stay tuned.


A 2 dimensional rendering of a 3 dimensional shadow of a 4 dimensional object. (Seriously)

Flying Fish!

My Friend Tom Malloys' reaction to seeing models I've made with inlaid fish in the wings.

More MSPaint folk art from Tom Malloy

Done with MSPaint and a mouse, a reaction from Tom on seeing models that have eyes inlaid in the horizontal stabilizer.

Here I am!

As rendered by my ex wife and closest friend Annie K Dlouhy.

PowerPuffs in the Kitchen

I have a very strong thing for the PowerPuff girls. Here is a rare Japanese playset in my kitchen.