CyberModelle is the step beyond the next one, an 'Art to Part' shop. 

Computer aided design, drawing, toolpath fabrication and motion controlled carving are the routine.  In the model airplane world, CyberModelle has designed/drawn/prototyped the 4 quickest model airplanes on the planet, all motorless gliders powered only by gravity and naturally occuring forces, the quickest being recorded at 468 mph.  The current world record holder in fact; the Kinetic 100v2, was inducted into the Deutsche Museum Technik in Munich for permanent display and preservation March 2011. Models of other class types have been produced that perform equally as well.  CyberModelle designed models are wholly inspired by organic shapes and validated by the most up to date tooling and hyper over achieving personal/professional contacts.

CyberModelle is also involved in custom furniture, architectural fixtures, medical fixtures and art.

Pieces produced are commissioned outright with minimal specification or produced in concert with varying customer involvement. 

Gallery pages showcase only a small portion of my work.  I keep a FaceBook presence as well.